melbourne drag fund.

This is an amazing community fund to help performing artists get back on stage. The details are below.

Like many businesses and industries, COVID-19 has dramatically impacted our drag community. With the closure of clubs, bars, theatres and other artistic spaces, Victorian drag performers have taken a massive hit. Unfortunately, our performers have found themselves without any income at all.

The arts sector has taken a monumental hit throughout this pandemic, but we have never been a community to sit back and wallow. We have adapted to this new way of life and have thrived.

This fund serves as financial support to Victorian artists who have lost income as a result of cancelled gigs, commissions, venue bookings, etc. Our main aim is helping performers get back on their feet and prepare for what will be one of the biggest returning seasons of drag we have yet to see.

We call upon our performers to register, share and promote this fundraiser; and in turn receive a share in the donation pool. We've set an ambitious target in hopes that that many performers register.

We ask our venues, friends, family, community and the general public to donate what you are able to - however much or little. We know it’s been a struggle for us all, but we would be eternally grateful for your support.

Please give back to the artists and performers who have brought us so much joy through the years and this trying time... and those who will no doubt be the ones providing entertainment when restrictions are eased and night-life is resurrected.

We cannot do this without you!

If you are a Victorian drag performer and wish to register to receive funds from this fundraiser:


Please visit this link:

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