Take a look at some of the amazing members of our team! These beautiful people have gone above and beyond to create smiles within the community. This program was created during the COVID-19 pandemic to help pair performers who were out of work or experiencing a loss of income with members of the community in need of a delivery service. There are plenty of apps that will deliver for you, but will your driver look anywhere near as fabulous? 

Everyone on our support teams works as a volunteer and each of our performers complete deliveries for tips. If you are in a position and mood to give back, there are paypal links below for every member of our team. We also have a Pay It Forward page dedicated to connecting donors with people who are in need.


We love what we do and we do it to spark joy. 

Kaala Moxy

Our amazing Queen of Support. Kaala Moxy! Process driven, meticulous, and a heart equal in size to the surface area of her beautiful bare noggin. Kaala loves working with the community and is involved in weekly events focused on keeping us connected. She also oversees all our delivery routes and helps interested performers and drivers join the team.


Tequila Mockingbird

She sings, she dances, she does it all! The only thing bigger than her heart is her personality and she brings it you every time!! Introducing Tequila Mockingbird, one of our amazing performers who is absolutely dedicated to making people smile. 


Leasa Mann

Next up is the amazing Leasa Mann, who really doesn’t need an introduction at all. An inspirational, entertaining, and completely magical creature. Leasa launched our very first delivery skipping down the street (and we can prove it, it's all on tape). Leasa is a beacon of light in our community, recently recognised for helping to arrange bill payments for members of our community in need.


Skarlett Spectrum

Please say hello to Skarlett Spectrum who is a complete rockstar! When she’s not offering to help with deliveries, she’s busy delivering homemade hot cross buns to our support team. Always involved, always caring, always incredible.


Christina Andrews

Please welcome to the stage Ms. Christina Andrews. An absolute delight. With a smile and a soul as warm as the day this diva is nothing less than divine. When she's not dressed to impress, she's busy driving other performers around on deliveries. 


Spencer Street

Made from sugar, spice and pure electricity. Spencer Street brings a brilliant energy to the team sparking joy wherever she goes. Her attitude is as bright as her smile and she always gives 200% when she's out making deliveries.


Paul Bergman

The guy who started Meals on Heels with a very simple idea. "The community needs some joy right now, we need to smile and remember we are all still very connected". Spending most of his time answering requests, speaking with customers and running the show behind the scenes his main goal is to support the community.


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