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Currently deliveries are only available within a 30km radius of Melbourne.

Because every order is unique a member of our team will contact you to walk you through setting up your request. Just give us a couple quick details on what you're looking to send or have delivered.

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If you would like to offer the performers a tip for completing your delivery, please let us know. Most performers will respond to requests showing $25, and we've heard that $50 gets you a show included!

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Are you or the recipient at risk with COVID-19? Age, health conditions or other factors our team should know to ensure every precaution is taken for delivery.

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That's it! Send through your request and we'll be in touch shortly to help you setup your order. Please note, tips are not required but it is up to our performers when an order is submitted to accept the request. If we are unable to match you with a performer we'll be in touch and pair you with one of our volunteer drivers.

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