non-essentials or weekly essentials?

The difference is easy! A weekly essential is something you or a loved one need (groceries and/or household items) to get through the week. If someone is not feeling well, at a higher risk of serious illness, or trying to limit public exposure this is the option for you. After something non-essential? looking to send someone a care package or a birthday present? Please specify this when placing your request. While we work to accommodate all requests please note that we put a priority on requests marked as weekly essentials.

at cost program.

The Meals on Heels program was created to help deliver weekly essentials with a spark joy. Members of our community are in self-isolation and/or quarantine as we buckle down to address the COVID-19 pandemic. Many members have access to the moral support and resources they need each day, but some do not. Meals on Heels operates below its actual cost, and the delivery fee of $5.00 per order is used to keep the program and infrastructure running. We are a pairing service taking your requests and pairing them with local performers in the community.


The network of performers we are working with are some of Melbourne's finest. Most of our performers are out of work with the closure of venues and events. When placing your order we will ask if you are willing to provide a tip for the performer completing the delivery. All orders are put through our network and it is up to the performers to accept the request. Please remember this is a program to pair those in need of deliveries with local performers who are in need of work.

pay it forward.

Know someone that needs a smile? We do. Contact our team and see how you can help sponsor a delivery today. We're working with amazing individuals and businesses every day to help those in need.

special thanks.

We are truly blessed to have some of the most amazing support in making this happen. Please take a moment to review some of the businesses that have contributed to Meals on Heels.


Onfleet has provided Meals on Heels the use of their online logistics management software during the current COVID-19 pandemic. This was one of the amazing contributions that made this possible. Our team was literally in tears. Massive thank you to such an amazing company. Their software is brilliant and the team at Onfleet are rock stars.

Moxy Productions

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