pay it forward utilities.

Drag rock star Leasa Mann has been reaching out to these members and offering to help arrange payments of utility bills each month. If you'd like to get involved or you are in need of assistance please complete the form below.

Leasa was recently recognised by 10 daily news "Aussie Drag Queen Paying Bills" Click Here to read more.

"If you need a bill paid, just send me a copy/photo of the bill the company's BPay details, and either I pay it or the details are forwarded onto one of the generous donors and they pay it."

- Leasa

Please include any notes in the "additional information" for Leasa. Those interested in being a donor can advise how much they'd like to contribute. If you are submitting a bill request please let Leasa know the utility bill you are looking to have paid, the amount and the due date.

contact Leasa.

All information provided is kept confidential. 


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