Face Masks Now Available                                                13-08-20

That's right! Now you can wear all the camp, quirky and cute Meals On Heels toons right on your face! (lifelong goals...we know). Now available online are these beautiful 3 ply fabric face masks. Want to know the best part? $10 of every mask sold will be donated back to a venue of your choice! When selling completes donations will be made to each venue including a note letting them know exactly who contributed. During checkout you'll even have the option of including a personal message to be included with your name.

Lockdown 2.0                                                                   19-07-20

With local restrictions increasing and the requirement of masks being worn when outside of your residence our team has temporarily closed operations. We will resume as soon as restrictions allow. The health of our team and the recipients receiving deliveries is our top priority. Stay safe everyone. xX

New Look... Who Dis?                                                        12-05-20

The Meals On Heels website has been altered to have a clean and crisp white background. We discovered a few search engines were penalizing the website for having white text, bummer right? Back when we launched there was a stunning dark color scheme, and white text was used so that it was easier to read.  But we want the website to be as easy to access as possible, and let's face it, we love an excuse for a little costume change. We'll let the bright colors, sparkle and glitz come from the images we post of the amazing performers. 

Melbourne Drag Fund                                                       07-05-20

We are excited to help promote an amazing community initiative supporting Victorian artists and performers. This fund serves as financial support to Victorian artists who have lost income as a result of cancelled gigs, commissions, venue bookings, etc. Their main goal is helping performers get back on their feet and prepare for what will be one of the biggest returning seasons of drag we have yet to see. Access our community page for additional information, or you can donate now by clicking here.

Drawn Together!                                                               04-05-20

To thank the our amazing network of performers, drivers and support we commissioned the brilliant, amazing and incredibly talented @Cin_Censored. As you can see the result was absolutely adorable. You may have spotted these little cuties popping up in social media, but they'll also be making a fun appearance on our community page. Wondering if you should have one created for yourself? The answer is 100% yes and we couldn't recommend this artist more! We'll make it easy, click here for to be directed to Cin's contact page.

Free Hand Sanitiser                                                           27-04-20

Meals On Heels received a special donation from the team over at Freshion. We have been given a box full of travel size (60ml) hospital grade hand sanitisers plus some giant one litre bottles for our performers. Deliveries will now include a bottle of this hand sanitiser, courtesy of Freshion. Our support team has always recommended that recipients take a moment to clean off bags and packages when a delivery arrives, and now we're excited to help provide some sanitiser to help. We will make these available until they run out.

Freshion Donation.jpg

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